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2:183 (Y. Ali) O ye who believe! fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you that ye may (learn) self-restraint.

Facility Expansion

Alfalah academy has acquired 3150 square feet of additional space.  The new suite acquired is on the left side.  The new space will have two new classrooms, a computer lab and a cafeteria.  Construction has started and inshallah will be completed within the next two weeks.  

In addition to the new construction the old building is being updated.  The old 2nd grade classroom is being expanded to allow for more students and new grass has been planted in the soccer field.  The kitchen is being moved to the new space and the old kitchen will be an office now. 

Last Chance to Turn Your GA Taxes Into Sadaqa Jariyah

$35.2 Million of fund allocated for private schools has been used up!

The Georgia Department of Revenue, as part of Georgia Private School Tax Credit Law allows, for individuals and businesses to allocate part of their GA income taxes towards eligible non-profit institutions such as Al-Falah Academy.  There is a limited amount set aside each year by the state for this program and Al-Falah Academy is asking for your help in directing part of that fund to help our school.

Due to increased awareness of this program, we are expecting the Georgia Private School Tax Credit funds to get used up by August.  Out of the total money allocated for this program 35.2 million dollars has already been used up.  The money is running out fast and we ask that you please take a few minutes to complete the forms.  You can find all the forms at   

Participating in the program takes about five minutes and involves a few simple steps that are explained on the site.  Basically, you can either pay the taxes to the Department of Revenue and let them decide what to do with it or tell them that you want Al-Falah Academy to have it by participating.  Encourage your friends and businesses to participate in this and help Al-Falah Academy.

You get the reward of supporting Al-Falah Academy's high quality Islamic education at no net cost to you.  You get a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for your donation.  A tax credit is not the same as a deduction.  While a deduction reduces your income and thereby reduces your taxes by a part of that amount that varies according to your tax bracket, a tax credit actually applies to the taxes you have to pay and reduces them dollar-for-dollar and/or you receive refund.

Some employers match charitable contributions of their employees.  This program is eligible for such a matching contribution if your employer provides it.  This will double-up your tax donation to Al-Falah Academy.

If you need any help in completing the forms, please contact Al-Falah Academy Tax Credit volunteer contact line at (678) 995-5501.

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First Tuition Due: August 1st.
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